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Planning Inspectorate Appeals Dataset now available as Linked Data

I’m delighted to announce that the Planning Inspectorate Appeals database has been published on Open Data Communities available to download as a csv file. It's also available in a queryable machine-readable form accessible from the API.

The initial release of the dataset contains approximately 50 variables and 90,000 records. We plan to update the dataset on a regular basis. You can read more about the variables and the dataset here.

Describing this administrative dataset in machine readable Linked Data format is important because it allows easier linking to other datasets. You can link this dataset to other administrative datasets as our Energy Performance of Buildings of Data. Or you can link it to other statistical releases on Open Data Communities.

What’s the benefit of this dataset?

The dataset covers planning appeals across the different planning authorities in England. It covers appeals relating to submitted plans of any size development. It could be a large scale development covering lots of properties or it could relate to work on a single property.

The dataset therefore provides a good insight into the types of developments, the scale of the developments the success of the appeals process and so on. As the dataset contains the Office for National Statistics code for the Local Planning Authority it’s possible to compare different geographic areas The about tab will tell you more about the data.

This dataset along with other datasets on OpenDataCommunities is a strong source of evidence that can provide analysts a detailed insight into the sector. We think it’s an important step for us to open up access to this dataset.

Tell us what you discover!

As always with the data we make available for reuse by industry or citizens we are very interested in how the data has been used. We’re particularly interested in hearing the outcomes achieved or understanding the value users gain. Hearing these stories only strengthens the case for opening up access to more data and demonstrates the usefulness of the data itself.

I would also encourage those working the industry to use the OpenDataCommunities platform and collaborate with their partners. It's your use of the data and how you use the data that makes the platform so valuable.

Please do let us know your story - ODC@communities.gsi.gov.uk